Today I’ve got my brother from another mother Derral Eves with me.. And this is a call you will want to be ready to take notes from.. Derral, not only has a great name.. but he is insanely good at what he does.

I am speaking from personal experience watching him with his clients and seeing him on stage in person.

His work is exceptional.

He’s one of only 12 people world-wide who have been Certified by YouTube for Audience Growth.

Derral has worked with some of the BIGGEST YouTube channels, hosts an annual Video Marketing Conference called VidSummit and Derral is responsible for something in the ballpark of A BILLION YouTube views between all the clients he’s worked for.

It’s an honor and a pleasure to get him here with us on this call.

Video marketing is only getting bigger and of all the people in my network, Derral is MY ‘goto guy’ when it comes to video marketing and all things YouTube.


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