Quick Checklist Of Offer Strengthening Devices

Quick Checklist Of Offer Strengthening Devices:

1) Bigger price drop from agreed upon, perceived value. Work hard to create the biggest price drop you can make believable.

2) Multiple discounts, such as one tied to an expiry date, another to first x or # (first come, first serve).

3) Easy payment options and terms. It is the size of the payment, not the price, even for very affluent buyers.

4) “Pay no money now” deal, with billing deferred by at least a month.

5) Piling on. Maybe by cutting your “thing” up into more “pieces” you can then pile on top of one another.

6) Making everything free. Done by argument i.e. sales story or in actuality. Maybe you can get someone else seeking access to your customers to provide a bonus worth as much or more as what you sell.

7)Added value. For example, “super size” at regular price.

8) Instant gratification – if what you sell is intangible, add a tangible item; if what you sell is delivered or it’s benefits accrue over time, add something of instant value.

9) A better deal than the other guy gets. People like getting preferred treatment, being an insider, getting one up on everybody else. Knowing that “the peons” will pay a significantly higher price than they – a “VIP” – will is a motivation to action.

10) Impending price increase avoided by immediate action

11) Premiums, premiums, premiums Bonuses can and do drive sales. You NEED to make it a real mission of yours to find interesting, affordable bonus gifts with high perceived value or unique status.

When You Use Premiums, consider:
a) Tiered offers – for example, you get gift ‘a’ with an order of _X_, or you get the much better gift ‘b’ with an order of _Y_ or the REALLy terrific gift ‘c’ with your order for _Z_.
b) Stacked offers – for example, you get ‘a’ with X or ‘a’ PLUS ‘b’ with Y, or ‘a’ PLUS ‘b’ PLUS ‘c’ when you order Z.
c) Choice offers – for example “choose any of two of these eight gifts”
d) Bonuses tied to items bought, size of order, but also other bonuses tied to speed of response, expiry dates, first come first serve limited amount, and made scarce via limited supply.
e) Relevant bonuses – more of the same, linked to core goods or services
f) Irrelevant bonuses – ‘fun’ gifts
g) Combo of e) and f)
h) Consider travel. Negative: credibility. Positive: Enormous appeal
i) Make bonuses’ value exceed price of actual offer.

Use this as a checklist and have at least 3 to 5 checked YES for your current offer. Consider incorporating as many as you tactfully can.

Regularly revisit this page, do it again and come up with unique & new offers to test. Always test new offers, and every 3 to 5 tests try something radically different. Measure results. Simply decide to test a new offer on the next 10-20 people who ‘come through your door’… See if they say yes. Anytime you have something good going, keep 80% of your ‘business as usual’ traffic / customers going through the proven systems… but try new things and pay attention on 10-20% of your customers. Offer a variety of things. Test offering them in various orders.. In one of my experiences we tried to sell a $25,000 consulting package but then called back to downsell a $7,500 USD 3 day business event and included 4 hours of 1:1 coaching to the people who said no to the first offer.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Don’t be afraid to offer to help people. “Hey, did you want some help (insert their goal here)? You may like this but it does cost a few dollars.”

Ever read “Green Eggs & Ham” by Dr Seuss?

You want to be like that – but sincerely holding THEIR GOALS as the topic.. not your own agenda. People won’t mind help with their TRUE goals. Their important goals.

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