How To Run A Business. What REALY Gets Results:

Why Do Some Businesses Succeed & Others Fail?

In 2020, I enlisted the help of 7 research teams & almost a dozen PhDs from various fields. They were tasked with COMBING through the scientific literature.. Every published paper, every meta-analysis or systematic review we could find..

The goal?

Find what science has proven to be how to run a business. THE CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS to success & growth in business.

Not just opinions..

What does SCIENCE show works?

Here's what we found:

"The Critical 8 Success Factors"

These factors apply to small & medium sized businesses. All over the world. Regardless of language, culture, government system.

They apply to online and offline businesses.

They apply to product & services.

We believe we've established the most valid and well proven critical success factors for business.

How? By reviewing 1000s of papers and going through 1000s of their references. We also pulled studies done AROUND THE WORLD to breakthrough cultural barriers.

We ended with 24 studies we feel answer this specific question with quality research. Of the 24 we categorized 10 studies as foundational and 14 supporting

2 Types Of Studies On
How To Run a Business:
Foundational Vs Supporting

A foundational study is a study large and robust enough to validate critical success factors for small & medium sized businesses overall.

A supporting study is one which emphasizes the validity of 1 or more individual factors. Combined we feel they best demonstrate how to run a business.

To learn more about each critical success factor, choose the factor you wish to discover.

Self Efficacy
Strategic Planning
Marketing Strategy
Market Intelligence
Sales Strategy & Skills
Money Management
Business Operating Systems
Business Intelligence

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