The Research Behind The
8 Critical Success Factors:

Many would agree, the B2B world is a fast-paced wild west. Sales and marketing experts compete with claims and reviews. Who's methods provide their clients the best? Which is a guaranteed strategy for improving businesses?

We provide quality evidence-based research to help answer. Defined critical success factors prescribe focus areas to improve on. Specific factor based outcomes we can prove plus standardize. Via accessible, & scientific measurements.

We believe in measuring & using results based methods.

Proven critical success factors (CSFs) for small & medium enterprises (SME).

We wanted reliable information. The principles, strategies, and tactics to help business owners achieve their goals.

First we analyzed thousands of studies. Looking for top quality studies in terms of size, method & focus. All related to business, marketing, sales, leadership, coaching, and other studies. Anything we could find which answered our question: What improves success of SMEs? From thousands, we chose ten (10) foundational and thirteen (13) supporting as the best. In a meta-analysis, scientific publications get reviewed based on findings/results. We did a meta-analysis. Compared significant and different studies on business success factors.

We established a hierarchy of scientific evidence for 8 key factors. Via success factor mapping of various meta-analyses and systemic reviews. These proven factors to success are then subdivided into smaller categories.

In mapping, we identified effective qualities and natural conditions. Ones contributing to business improvement.

For instance, very definitive studies would identify individual and management factors such as:

leadership behaviors,
personality traits,
business plan and performance,
entrepreneur competence,
innovative abilities,
access to capital, and many more.

But with over 90 of these, what sense do you make of them all?

These factors, grouped based on main themes, identify 8 Critical Success Factors.

Strategic Planning,
Marketing Strategy,
Market Intelligence,
Money Management,
Business Operating System,
Business Intelligence.

We also identified a 9th factor. Government / Economy.

However, it's beyond control of a single small business enterprises (SME).
It's beyond the scope of what we can measure cause & effect for.

We believe optimizing these 8 factors gives the best odds of success. With any government/economy.

So we identified success factors we can measure. Measure results of methods and for whom.

Then with these predict realistic outcomes. The Best return for risk methods to develop businesses.

It can help determine which programs/services provide positive results.
See which programs have high rates of failure.

In general, it can identify best practices.

We collect & share evidence for improving each critical success factor.

Our goal:
The best results possible in any language, culture or government/economic condition.

During ongoing studies, we test findings from our meta-analysis.

With our online resources, we observe & share with our community & podcast guests.

Use the 8 Critical Success Factors to find the best program/services you need.