Results Masterminds

This is For Business, Physical + Mental Health & Making Money

Who Is This For?

This is for business, physical + mental health and about making money,

This is open to people coming from all different industries. Maybe you've reached the level where you're saying, Okay, great. What's next?

How do I go to the next level, right?

That's what the group is about. 

You want to upgrade your daily, weekly habits plus plug into the collective brainpower of the entire group, going to work on your business & life.

Each month, someone in the group (of 10 people) gets to have their moment having the whole group of very smart people, deeply focused on your problems.

This is when magic starts to happen & things you feel were impossible suddenly become very possible, because not only get tapped into the collective brainpower of the group, but you're also tapping into the collective contacts of the group.

It's about the power of intellect, the power of resources, the power of daily & weekly habits.

Plus the power of collective experience.

Collectively we help laser guide each other

The results are staggering

If you've never done this before, you'll be shocked at what happens.

It's a very, very powerful situation.

When you have a bunch of very smart people all directing their mental energy focused on you.

When we take a look at your daily habits and routines... Fix what's not serving you and replace them with upgraded things... The lessons last a lifetime.

It gets down to the personal stuff improving both your life and your business..


  • Each week we have a group call. 
  • These calls give you an extra shot in the arm of sales and influence.
  • The other 2 weekly calls of the month are a little longer. 
  • 1 is to show you what's working & hot right now. The other is a dedicated call 1 member for their turn to get the collective focus of everybody on their goals and dreams.
  • These weekly calls you'll be part of a leaderboard tracking daily habits designed to get your business & life to the next level.

I want to make sure you can remember and look back and say this was one of the best decisions in my life as your life takes on new meaning and deeper significance. 

Feeling Recharged.

So Quick Recap

  • Weekly calls. Alternating between quick recap calls & decided breakout sessions or mastermind 'hot seats'.
  • Topics we discuss are raising venture capital, sales, marketing, being more effective with your personal time and as a leader, market intelligence, product development, hiring & training, business intelligence, systems & automation, plus much much more.
  • You'll also get 2 emergency calls per month you can use to get a 1:1 with me to really go through the nitty gritty of your life & business.
  • I'd like to just say, everyone in the group is going to get that opportunity.
  • I think having those emergency calls for when you need them essentially magnifies the results even further. 
  • Then of course, we have collective brainstorming involved as well.
  • So from the moment you join, to the time you leave, it's gonna be a step by step process of fixing bad habits, limiting mindsets.. of helping you realize your full potential. 
  • You know, working on you and also you giving to other people in the group.
  • What you'll find is that by you becoming a trainer of sorts, as you help others in the group, giving advice to them, it makes you more effective in your own life. 
  • Everybody who joins will all become higher achievers, their network becomes your network as well.

It's fun, fun, fun, but business first.  Alright, love you all and I will see you very soon.
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