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Every business owner wants to create a successful business, but we all have different perspectives of what success is. It’s not just about reaching certain numbers, but about how you’re getting there. If strategies are not sustainable, then it’s eventually going to lead to burnout and more frustrations. 

At the end of this podcast, entrepreneurs and leaders will be able to start redefining what grind, high performance, and success mean to them. Our guest Ed O’Keefe shares his tips on building a successful business where you will thrive. We also talk about changing mindsets, surrounding yourself with ambitious and driven people, and building a strong foundation to grow a habit

Start your journey on creating business and personal success on your own terms. Tune in to this episode to learn more!

3 Reasons Why You Should Listen to This Episode

  • Understand how you can start to redefine grind and what success is. 
  • Discover how you can build your foundation through learning from industry experts and personal experience. 
  • Learn why it’s important to set rules and how they can reduce friction to success. 


How to Redefine What is Success and Reach High Performance

Ed’s Background

  • Ed first started in nursing and eventually started becoming interested in marketing through personal development books and coaches. 
  • You are free to create a life you want, and we live in an age of opportunity and abundance. 
  • Don’t expect people to understand what you want when they’re not you. 

Redefining Grind

  • Grind is defined as the process of destructing something into dust. The grind can also be a path to greatness. 
  • Ed shares that the more he learns and breaks things down, the better he does. 
  • Despite his years of experience, he still takes the time to learn from others. 

Change Your Identity and Mindset

  • Identity is where a lot of things change. When you change the way you think about yourself, you can change your life. 
  • Ed shared this is the foundational belief for Inspired Wear. 
  • Positive affirmations can raise people’s level of consciousness and live a better life. 
  • Among the shirt designs of Inspired Wear are quotes such as ‘You got this,’ and ‘be yourself.’ 

We Need to Solve Problems 

  • Fundamentally, businesses are built to address problems. While it’s common to fill a hungry market, we have also become freer to do what we want. 
  • Why waste time on a business that is not aligned with your values and interests? 
  • Being lazy will not produce results; you need to keep improving and creating. 
  • The things we do out of obligation are often our worst decisions.   

Be Driven, Ambitious, and Passionate

  • Work on something you are passionate about that you’re willing to do until you die. 
  • Be surrounded by equally ambitious and driven people who will push you to greater heights. 
  • Make sure that they are dialed into what success is for you.
  • Structure and re-organize your life so that you can spend more time on your goals.  

Get Your Foundations Right 

  • You need to know how you’re acquiring new customers and creating a pattern of consistent ones. 
  • Marketing is not just about lead generation, it’s also about profits and losses. 
  • The concept is different from the application. Be willing to create an experience for customers that keep them coming back.  

Looking at What Success is on Your Terms 

  • There are many pathways to growth and success. To determine what success is, you need to know the sweet spot that is perfect for you and your lifestyle. 
  • Do not chase after numbers that are not sustainable. Choose the long, intelligent, and nurturing path instead, even if it takes a few more years to get to what success is to you. 
  • Ed shares that high performers typically need less. They already know what to do, but they just need to focus and realign themselves. 
  • Decrease friction to reach what success is to you by setting your rules and expectations. 
  • Be realistic with your rules, and acknowledge that they will change over time.

How to Set Rules 

  • Remember that we can only set rules for what we can control. Learn to get out of your own way. 
  • Break down the task so you know the different parameters involved. 
  • For example, Ed shares how ad spending will ask you how much you’re willing to spend even without any clear results. 
  • If you invest and you don’t meet your target based on your rules, you can stop and try another tactic. 
  • It’s best that you learn the foundations of the market first. 

On Using Paid Media

  • You need some type of paid strategy to boost your virality.
  • If this is paid media, look for a platform that your competitors are getting a lot of traffic from. From there, reverse engineer their process. 
  • Then, you can adapt it and provide your unique adjustments. 
  • Leapfrog your progress by learning from the best in the industry. 
  • Consider providing enormous value to your target audience as well. 

Two Powerful Quotes

“The focus is so much on the marketing that we forget that in business you have two sides of the fence: You have the profit and loss statement.”

“Assuming two guys are at the same level, and they’re doing the same game plan or summit [on] this similar level, the guy with less friction is going to outperform.”

About Our Guest

Ed O’Keefe is an entrepreneur and best-selling author. Having experienced going from dead broke to achieving success by taking multiple businesses from zero to multiple seven and even eight-figures, Ed knows what success is. He is the founder of top-selling brands like and Inspired Wear and Marine D-3, which have sold over half a million bottles. 

Ed also trains business owners through his Billion Dollar Disruption and Domination Mastermind, helping them create and achieve success with their dream business. You can find Ed on TwitterFacebookYouTube, and his website

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