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The Path to Millionaire Marketing with Adam Urbanski

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Not many people know what it takes to become a millionaire, much less teach others how to become one. Discovering the way to success takes more than just replicating others’ paths, as people have no idea what truly lies inside. What is sure, however, is that investing in yourself is the first step to millionaire marketing.

In this episode, Adam Urbanski shares his experiences as a business coach to business coaches themselves. He discusses concepts people have to know and understand to unveil their path and be truly successful. He also emphasizes that money isn’t the true currency of transactions—it’s happiness. Join us to learn and discover what millionaire marketing is.

About Our Guest:

Adam Urbanski is a marketing strategist to business coaches, consultants, and professionals everywhere. He is the founder and CEO of Marketing Mentors Inc. and is known as The Millionaire Marketing Mentor. As a passionate entrepreneur, he has built, scaled and sold multi-million dollar businesses and has influenced thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide through coaching and speaking.

The Path to Millionaire Marketing

Adam’s Inspiring Beginnings

  • Adam came into the United States from Poland with $194 and a limited ability to speak English.
  • Equipped with a drill and peep-holes from a hardware store, he went door-to-door to find customers that wanted peep-holes installed in their doors.
  • He grew up in a bakery and looked for a job there when he immigrated.
  • He applied for jobs even if he wasn’t qualified, learning more about the job as he performed them.

Business Advice for Success

  • You need to have situational awareness of what the marketplace needs, what potential customers are looking for, and what your competition is doing.
  • You could be an entrepreneur even without academic or corporate background. Schools don’t necessarily equip you with the skills you need in real life.
  • “Skate to where the puck is going, not to where the puck is.” —Wayne Gretzky
  • Whatever we undertake, 95% of the foundation that decides whether or not we will succeed or fail is really our thinking.
  • You need to know how to persuade and sell. Replace the word “profit” with “happiness.”

Overcoming His Biggest Challenges

  • He wanted to be rich, but he was lazy. Being lazy could sometimes be a good thing in the sense that you always find better and more efficient ways to do things.
  • Always expect the best outcomes, but think of the worst-case solutions.
  • You always have to overcome yourself and your way of thinking.
  • The skills you currently have already will either be obsolete or hold you back if you do not constantly improve.
  • “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” —Albert Einstein

Lessons From Experience

  • You have to reach out for help sooner rather than later.
  • You are only able to reverse-engineer what you can see and what you are aware of.
  • To get the results you want, you have to generate what makes systems work from the inside.
  • The price you charge for what you do has less to do with the quality and everything to do with the prospective clients and gains potential.
  • There are three constraints: cost, time, and quality. To achieve the others, you have to compromise with one of them.

The Concept of Going Platinum

  • Entrepreneurs are very creative and get distracted easily.
  • Most musicians don’t create new songs every week. They create a few hit songs and promote and broadcast them to as many channels as possible.
  • It may be more beneficial to promote something you already have than create something new.

Unveiling the Path for Your Customers

  • Unveil the path for a prospect to decide on investing in themselves and get access to your solutions.
  • Structure your coaching programs in such a way that the results and value your customers get are not measured by how much time you spend with them.
  • What pays off is to invest in yourself.
  • People perceive that whoever receives the money has the upper hand. Instead, they should understand that the goal is for your client to be happier after the transaction.
  • In sales conversations, we help people make sure they’re making the right decision, but we can’t force them to do it.


For more insights about millionaire marketing, connect with Adam through his website or LinkedIn.



  • Do you already have a successful business, meaning you’re up, running, and paying your bills with some profit left over?
  • Are you interested in growing your business, automating/streamlining things, and staying one step ahead of your competition?
  • Do you want to achieve your goals, get more things done in less time, and double your sales

? If you can answer YES to all three questions, please reach out to me through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daryl.urbanski, and describe your situation, goals, and the best time/way to contact you.

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Mission Statement:

[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]My mission is to create 200 new multi-millionaire business owners who solve world problems with entrepreneurship. How? You’ll do better when you know better.

Would it help you to talk to other high-level entrepreneurs about their journeys, their mistakes and how they overcame their challenges to create the lives and financial success they desire?

Would it help you to have a mentor who can cut your learning curve by sharing their mistakes with you so you could avoid them?

Would it help you to talk to that mentor and learn how they shifted their mindset to allow success to happen in the first place?[/text_block][/op_liveeditor_element]


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