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How to Turn Stories Into Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Through Advertising and Marketing with Shane Johnston

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]With the different products and services available today, how can you stand out among the rest? Storytelling is also a part of advertising and marketing for your business. Your customers want to be a part of something. More than the functionality of your products, you have to get their attention by taking them on an emotional ride. You can turn your business into an empire if you know how to convey stories through the product you’re selling.

In this episode, Shane Johnston shares with us the importance of telling stories and taking risks. He also discusses how learning from experts, listening, and meeting people helped him master the art of advertising and marketing. Shane also gives his recommendations for people who are just starting in the industry. Join us and learn how telling stories can turn your business around. 

About Our Guest:

Shane Johnston is an award-winning product launch specialist, international consultant, coach, and digital marketing expert. He’s the co-founder of Bolder Future and CEO of Bolder Consulting LLC. A pioneer in the industry, Shane also co-founded a handful of programs such as Bolder FB Ads Coaching Academy, Bolder Webinar Academy, and Bolder Video Ads Mastery. 

Shane has won many prestigious awards in the fields of sales, business venture launches, business growth, and product development. He has worked with several Fortune 100 companies, helping them in pioneering the digitization of customer experiences. Now, Shane is passionate about assisting business owners and entrepreneurs by bringing Fortune 100 launch and growth strategies to them.   

Turning Stories Into a Successful Advertising and Marketing Strategy

Shane’s Beginnings

  • Shane got his entrepreneurial spirit from his parents. 
  • His parents taught him not to be afraid of change. If it’s worth doing, you have to bring it all.  
  • In starting his business, all he knew was he had a good offering for the customers and a fantastic team to build it. He pushed through the fear. 
  • Things won’t be perfect in starting a business, and it never will. Just do your best and do it.
  • Be firm on the result you want—mindset more than skillset. 

Shane’s Start with Advertising

  • Shane opened a franchised retail store, designing and selling out recreational products. He faced many struggles at first. 
  • He had never done advertising and marketing before. Then, after two years, Shane signed up for a one-day seminar, which he considers a pivotal moment in his life. 
  • Shane was introduced to Claude C. Hopkins’s book, My Life in Advertising, which taught him the importance of telling a story in advertising. 
  • He visited his competition, and a lot of them were using scarcity, confusing, and unfair tactics to get the consumers to buy their product. 
  • Shane understood that the best way to help consumers is to teach them how to research and purchase necessary quality products. Prioritize the customers’ best interests.      
  • He created a buyers guide that led many customers to trust him, skyrocketing his sales, and receiving public interest. 

How Shane Got Into Online Marketing

  • An entrepreneur must go to seminars, meet people, and continue to learn. 
  • Shane found out that 50% of his products aren’t selling.
  • He followed Claude Hopkins’s advice and visited the operation site of his manufacturer. He discovered that the workers are craftsmen and artists. 
  • Shane listened to the workers’ stories—about their love for woodwork and determination. Inspired by this, he bought more products and spread their stories.
  • You need a story that resonates with people and makes them emotionally involved in the product.

Advertising and Marketing Recommendations for Beginners

  • Even a beautiful website and branding will be insufficient if you have no experience and desired outcome. After all, result trumps everything.
  • First phase: Get one customer whom you can use as a case study with transformational results. 
  • Then, the second phase: Do it for more people to prove repeatability. 
  • The third phase: Test your marketing; get more ads out there. 
  • Fourth phase: Measure all your metrics so that you know how much you’re spending. You’ll also know the number of people who came in and bought your products and return on investment

The Benefits of Telling a Story

  • People want to be part of a story.
  • Educate, entertain, and tell stories to your customers until they warm up to you and eventually purchase your products. 
  • When people feel connected to a story, people share posts and content about their experiences and interaction with you.

The Power of Social Group Connection

  • Work on your mindset. 
  • The social group empowers you to do more and gives you more ideas. 
  • Help each other, whether it’s out of cooperative excitement or competitive jealousy. A person’s triumph becomes another’s motivation.  


If you want to connect more with Shane, you can send him an email at shane@bolderfuture.com.



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? If you can answer YES to all three questions, please reach out to me through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daryl.urbanski, and describe your situation, goals, and the best time/way to contact you.[/text_block]

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