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How to Activate the Powerful Man Within You with Tim Matthews

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Social gender constructs, childhood teachings, and misdirection sit heavily on a modern man’s shoulders. These are but a few factors pushing men to question their self-worth and ignore their true desires. Unfortunately, subduing your feelings and relying on external validation results in men leading unfulfilling lives. How can you activate the powerful man in you?

In this episode, our guest Tim Matthews is here to help men uncover the secret behind a powerful man, a man who knows what he wants in life in his business, career, relationships. He talks about the Activation Method to pinpointing your power, truth, and purpose.

Tune and discover how to activate the powerful man within you!

About Our Guest

Tim Matthews is a speaker, future author, and the CEO of The Powerful Man. Learning from his life experiences, he helps men unlock their best selves by freeing them from toxic habits. Detrimental habits like self-sabotage and negative self-talk can cause grievances and long-term effects on a person’s life. Tim is a men’s empowerment coach guiding those who tend to pay more attention to external voices than their gut feeling. With Tim’s Activation Method, men can unveil a better, more open, more powerful version of themselves to win at life.

Activating the Powerful Man Within You

Tim’s Beginnings

  • Carrying a hardworking attitude after university, he entered into personal training at Virgin Active, a health club. Here, he found an underserved market for pregnant women and decided to pursue the idea of Fitness for Mom in August 2014.
  • After stressful business deals, a toxic relationship, and decisions that sat wrongly in his gut, he realized he had been living life ignoring his voice.
  • A pattern started to form, tracing back to a childhood memory when he felt his voice was not worth listening to by a person important to him.
  • After aligning his life, he wanted to empower others. Hence, The Powerful Man. During their first five months, their sales reached $280,000 without the use of a website, paid testimonials, and traffic.

The Powerful Man Can Have It All

  • The Powerful Man is a person who chooses his life and does not leave it up to others, to life, or the world to decide for them.
  • Traditionally, a powerful man is masculine, strong, and rugged.
  • Femininity is a significant aspect of a powerful man because of his vulnerability, openness to feel and acknowledge his feelings, and willingness to listen to intuition.

Why Every Day Is “Choose-day”

  • We all need to develop a positive mindset around the idea that we are the creators of our experiences.
  • We avoid making decisions and second guess ourselves because we don’t trust ourselves. The problem lies in the misalignment with a man’s power, truth, and purpose.
  • Men choose wrongly to find the answers from external factors instead of paying attention to their gut-feel.

Facing Your Truth

  • Truth is your vision of what and who you want to be, and this truth is your success.
  • To make this vision into a reality, we need to allow ourselves to align our feelings, thoughts, and actions geared toward this vision.
  • However, we condition ourselves to pursue this success only after external validation.
  • A powerful man’s pursuit for success bears no good or bad judgment, nor bounds them to certain expectations.

Common Mistakes When Finding Our True Self

  • Men bind themselves to the outdated and unconscious social constructs of a man. They are not allowed to show such expressive emotions because it means weakness.
  • Subduing emotions and feelings prevents us from shining throughout the day.
  • Some look for answers outside of themselves through stress-eating, splurging on the unnecessary to feel good about themselves.
  • Men need to start valuing the fact that we are all we need. We should recognize that we are not broken; we do not need fixing.
  • By allowing ourselves to process feelings and express them, we can unlock our most authentic selves.

Destroying the Create-Conquer-Next Cycle

  • As men, we have this acquired thinking we need to prove ourselves, and we think we need to compete with other men and other people.
  • We need to realize life has an abundance of opportunities for everybody. We need to start conditioning our minds that there is no competition.
  • With technological developments and advancements, a lot of tools and shortcuts are available for our disposal.
  • We only need to break our unwillingness to pursue our ideal life and find what technologies we can use to achieve this.

Assessing Our Relationships

  • We are free to assess and choose which aspects of our lives we need to keep or let go of for our good—business, our beliefs, relationships.
  • We can learn how to embrace vulnerability through our friends and family.
  • Aside from that, our relationships reveal a deep-seated truth about ourselves and what triggers us.

The Mistake of Living for Someday and Not Today

  • Men continuously look forward to the future instead of living for today. We express ourselves by saying, “I am going to,” instead of appreciating the process of getting there.
  • This state traps us in chasing goals until we reach it, leaving us no room to relax, reflect, and live.

Life Wants You to Win

  • Tim believes that life actually conspires with us, so we can live the life we want.
  • It is a matter of realigning your mindset and how you speak to yourself.
  • For example, instead of forcing yourself to work out, let’s change the narrative because our body’s health needs it.

Good Habits of Vulnerability and Reflection

  • If you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open about your feelings, you can then trust yourself enough to make intuition your compass.
  • The Power of Activation aims to uncover who you are, your power, truth, and purpose. Without forcing upon an action, their sessions give men an idea of how this power feels.
  • Attendees set alarms to remind themselves to reflect on some sample questions: What is the evidence of abundance? Do I love what I’m doing? Am I fully expressing or receiving?
  • With this exercise, you can pinpoint what triggers your feelings, then establish the truth behind your doubts, comparisons, and self-judgment
  • Your purpose is what drives you to move through procrastination and feelings of being stuck.

Train Your Instincts

  • Master following your gut instincts with the help of self-mastery and reflection. Sometimes, you need to make quick choices.
  • Conversely, if you have the luxury time to make a decision, trust your instincts and acknowledge that there is a chance you could be wrong.
  • We have the power of consciousness—the ability to make conscious choices.

The Powerful Man Program

  • We acknowledge people hone completely different outlooks towards life. Your way is unique to your being and choices.
  • The program does not tell people how they should go about their lives; instead, it helps men realize what unique way is their own.


Heard anything that piqued your interest in becoming a powerful man? You can find more insightful strategies in uncovering a better you through Tim Matthews’ The Powerful Man Podcast on Apple and their website. Connect with him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Vimeo.



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? If you can answer YES to all three questions, please reach out to me through Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daryl.urbanski, and describe your situation, goals, and the best time/way to contact you.[/text_block]

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