Money Management

Money Management is the allocation of income toward spending categories such as savings, taxes, insurance, investments, credit, and cash (Masha Ksendzova et al 2017).

Money management is the process of expense tracking, investing, budgeting, banking and evaluating taxes of one's money which is also called investment management (

This also includes securing investments for projects. Money management is taking control of money we earn or spend towards leading an independent life (Nurul Syuhada et al 2017).

Money is how we keep score in business.

It's not your self worth. It's not your value as a human being. But money is the life blood of a business. Same as you need fuel to drive a car, money enables you to get things done.

The Problem

Budgeting, financial planning, book keeping & accounting are tough. Misuse of funds, failing to project cashflow & expenses or 101 other shortcomings can bleed your business dry. Or worse yet, hitting the home run deal you've worked so hard to get.. Only to be hit with a giant tax bill from neglecting your money management habits.

It's important you work with a professional. Check google for an expert you trust, or listen to some of our podcast interviews. Or register for webinar

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