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Marketing is just selling in print is the central belief of Wes Schaeffer. Being The Sales Whisperer, he is a ruthlessly pragmatic entrepreneur, sales trainer, copywriter, and speaker. Also a graduate of the Air Force Academy and spent five years on active duty with different assignments in South Korea and the Middle East.

Schaeffer proved to us in this podcast that being a father of seven is not a hindrance to be successful – whatever our goals may be. Adding to his accomplishments is being an author of the following books –  “It Takes More Than a Big Smile, a Good Idea & a Twitter Account To Build a Business That Lasts” and “The Definitive Guide To Infusionsoft.” – that helped many entrepreneurs and budding entrepreneurs.

As The Sales Whisperer, Wes Schaeffer will be whispering in our ears some tips that we can come back to from time to time.

✅Get comfortable with sales

✅Daily discipline done diligently determines the destiny

✅Stay the Course

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