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Starting your own business with no clear marketing plan can be a daunting process. What do I want to put out in the market? How do I let people know that I’m in the market? The world of entrepreneurship is changing with the tides, and the Internet might just be the thing you need to grow your business and establish your authority in the market.

In this episode, Chris Brisson shares how he found his place in the business world. He discusses digital marketing and shares his knowledge of salesmanship. Chris also explains how to analyze business deals and the importance of building your authority in the market. He discusses how you can scale your business and differentiates a business from an income stream. Stay tuned to learn more about how to grow your business to the best it can be!

About Chris

Chris Brisson started his first company out of college, built it for three years, and sold it in 2005. He was Infusionsoft Marketer of the Year in 2013 and is now the owner of two automated internet businesses, as well as a consulting company that generates million-dollar sales for his clients. He is also a family man and a very close friend of mine.

Grow Your Business and Establish Market Authority

Chris’s Beginnings

  • Chris came from a family of entrepreneurs. His father encouraged him to be his boss.
  • He went on eBay when he had to sell the wheels that he had bought two years previously. He had an idea for a company after this transaction.
  • In his first company, he brokered tire deals and had to face several challenges such as fraud and customers returning the product.
  • After selling his first company, he then learned more about direct mail and digital marketing

The Principles of Digital Marketing

  • The internet is an inexpensive medium that almost everyone across the globe can access.
  • You have to be on the internet to establish your business presence.
  • Digital Marketing is salesmanship multiplied. 

Learning How to Sell

  • Sales letters, selling through prints, and leveraged ventures are some of the core principles of sales.
  • One of the best ways to refine your skills is by getting involved in other people’s projects.
  • Have a group of people you can turn to discuss your ideas. It allows you to see others’ perspectives.
  • Learn core skills. Examples of skills are creating an image in Photoshop, copywriting, and writing HTML, Digital marketing

Analyzing Business Deals

  • Know what kind of business you want to create and your expertise.
  • The most manageable business in the world is information. 
  • Start where you can use your skills.
  • The internet is a big market where people are creating many different products. Find a niche that ensures longevity.

Building Your Authority in the Market to Grow Your Business

  • Sincerely trying to help people through your business creates goodwill in the market and can act as a loss leader.
  • Another benefit of helping others through your business is lifting your authority in the market.
  • In every business, there are supplementary products and services that you don’t have to own but can affiliate with and make commissions out of them.
  • Build a list of people and educate them on why you are an expert in your niche. Solicit them for the supplementary services.

How to Grow Your Business

  • To be able to scale your business, establish yourself as an authority in your niche market.
  • When you’ve established your authority, you can start increasing prices.
  • If your business is service-based, you can scale by documenting your expertise and making it profitable.
  • Personality can be a deciding factor as to which business the client chooses.

Business vs. Income Stream

  • If you have a product that depends on a trend, that is not a business.
  • Pinpoint the market you’re going after.

The Art of Persuading

  • Copywriting is the art of persuasive writing.
  • Using “flashy” methods means selling. Be as genuine as possible in your approach to clients.
  • People like to buy from entrepreneurs they know and trust.




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