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People have lots of excuses for why they can’t shorten the gap between where they are now and where they want to be or live their dream life. The path to success truly is challenging, but the first steps to it are rather simple. Persistence and utilizing the things you already have around you are key ingredients to taking your business to the next level.

In this episode, Mark Lack shares his experiences as a young entrepreneur and business owner. He discusses how he obtained industry leaders’ support and endorsements through unwavering persistence and leverage. Mark also talks about growing his brand by connecting with target customers through borrowing existing audiences. Finally, he emphasizes that all this is a result of first figuring out how he can add value to other people and contributing to their lives.

About Mark

Mark Lack is the Founder and CEO of Shorten The Gap, a coaching company for young adults and young entrepreneurs. He is a former professional paintball athlete who travelled and competed globally. Now, Mark is a best-selling author, international speaker, and radio/tv host. As an entrepreneur, he helps businesses grow their impact and income through marketing and personal branding.

Ancient Secret

How Can You Shorten the Gap?

Mark’s Beginnings

  • Mark played professional paintball in high school and won $160,000 in a tournament.
  • He used to resent reading and writing in school, but now developed to become an author.
  • His belief in personal and professional development paved the way to his success.
  • On his transition from sports to business: it is essential to get a mentor to become successful in whatever you do.

How To Start Your Business

  • Lack of money is never an excuse to grow a successful company.
  • Leverage other people’s resources, knowledge, and assets.
  • Reach out to people who already have access to your target customers, especially if you don’t have money.
  • A joint venture or affiliate fee is equivalent to a customer acquisition fee.
  • Get in front of your customers by utilizing interviews, radio, television and other forms of media.

How To Promote Yourself

  • Traffic is significant to reach your audience. The strategy is to borrow other people’s traffic.
  • Determine your value and unique selling proposition to borrow traffic and get in front of your audience for free.
  • Position yourself as an expert with really good branding.
  • In the long term, you can’t always borrow traffic so figure out how to buy and create your own traffic later.

Important Concepts In Business

  • Risk reversal is a “30-day money-back guarantee.”
  • A product with less risk, more guarantee, and better peace of mind for your customers has better risk reversal.
  • The essence of leverage is taking what you already have and using it for a different purpose.
  • Business coaching is helping clients make a simple distinction and perspective about something in their life.

Becoming Relentless

  • Reach out to others to get the support and endorsement you need from people.
  • Add value tomorrow to people who gave value to you today.
  • Money is only a byproduct of value. Hence, focus on how you can add value instead of how you can make money.
  • Be willing to withstand all the “no’s” you can get just to get a single “yes.”
  • For Mark, it took six months and numerous emails and phone calls to get a book endorsement, which boosted his branding.

Shorten the Gap and Live Your Dream Life

  • It is all about your lifestyle.
  • Become the person you need to become to create your dream life.
  • To do that, map out the habits, mindsets, and patterns you have to adopt to become the version of yourself you want to be.
  • You don’t become the person you want to be, then adopt the behaviours, habits and patterns after. It’s the other way around.

The Future Of Mark’s Business

  • Mark wants to scale his company in the future and take his business to the next level.
  • Serve and contribute to more people on a larger scale.
  • Conduct more interviews with larger audiences.
  • Make more money to have more options and choices.


For more insights about growing your business, connect with Mark through FacebookLinkedin or Shorten The Gap’s website.