Today we have a very special guest… Jacob Sapochnick.

Jacob is an immigration lawyer but he’s also an extremely savvy marketer. As an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association; he has been asked to speak on immigration law topics at various conferences in the United States and abroad. He has done plenty of interviews like this one and is frequently quoted by newspapers and radio shows on immigration issues..

He also has a podcast called The Enchanting Lawyer Podcast I highly recommend you check out.

I asked him to come on the show today after talking to a mutual friend of ours about him and his practice.

See, this friend and I both have worked with a ton of clients.. Jacob isn’t my client but I’ve done business with him.. One thing which really has stood out is his team and how well he leverages other people while at the same time treating people like people.

He’s very skilled at delegating and focusing on the 80/20 in his work.. Doing only the necessary items and giving the rest of the task to someone else to see it through.

In fact, he calls it The Enchanting Way of doing business..

He’s done this well enough to build a business facebook fan page up to 117,000 fans which provides his business a steady predictable stream of leads coming in daily.

Now he’s got a second business, a coffee shop, he’s starting up.. AND he’s also launching a book called:

My American Job: The Foreign Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Finding a Job and a Visa Sponsor in the United States

I asked him to come here today and share with us some of his secrets for how he manages people, markets his business and keeps it all under control..