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Every business needs copywriting to reach its prospective customers. But what separates great copywriting from the bland? It’s not about the eloquence or expansive vocabulary you use but connecting with people. The people are at the heart of every great copy. There is a world of difference once you understand what people are looking for. It all starts with you—from how you experience life and everything around you to the opinions you form around products and services.   

At the end of this podcast, entrepreneurs can learn how to use the power of copywriting to provide solutions and value to their customers. Our guest, copywriting legend Bond Halbert, shares his story about how he continues to build on his father’s copywriting legacy and making a name for himself. One of his main takeaways in this episode includes understanding the underlying motivations and reasons behind what people say. Once you understand why people would like to buy certain things, it’s easier to create campaigns that will solve their problems or persuade them to make a purchase. Bond shares that it’s not about selling the product. It’s about building relationships and connecting with people—your customers and prospects.

Join us in this journey of continuous self-improvement and making a difference in other people’s lives through business. Tune in and learn some great insights to level up your copywriting and marketing and start connecting with people

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode:

  1. Discover how Bond continues to build his father’s legacy through effective promotion strategies. 
  2. Understand how copywriting and marketing are about building relationships and connecting with people. 
  3. Learn the ways you can create copies that will make you stand out from your competition. 


Episode Highlights

How Bond Started in Copywriting 

  • Bond was trained by his father at an early age. After getting a degree in international business administration, he went on to work for the Giorgio Armani Corporation. 
  • Eventually, he realized that this path was not for him and quit. After that, he went to work with his father. 
  • Bond went on to create the most financially successful venture for his father. Later on, he worked with his brother in designing financial campaigns for other people. 
  • Gary taught Bond everything he needed to know, and in turn, Bond added his own experiences, learnings, and insights. 
  • Tune in to the full episode to learn more about Bond’s relationship with his father and how that affects his life and relationships now.

Cementing the Halbert Legacy

  • Bond shared how he went into a depression after his father’s passing. He decided to secure his father’s legacy by building on his work. 
  • Bond was in the perfect position to do so, not only being Gary’s son but also understanding his father’s principles perfectly. 
  • Through the years, Bond built a name for himself in the copywriting and marketing industry. His focus is on the big idea in hooks and solutions.
  • In addition to his copywriting work, Bond loves connecting with people and helping them improve their copy and bring businesses to the next level.  
  • Our guest shared how his name attracted the Russian mafia in the full episode. 

Learn from Everything

  • People often learn from experts to get better at their craft, but true experts will learn from anything and everything.
  • If you want to have an interesting thing to say, you need to be interesting yourself. 
  • You can pick up insights in every aspect of your life, including the radio, movies, and shows. 
  • The first step in being a good marketer is connecting with people and understanding what they care about. 

How to Study Your Prospects

  • Understand that you are much like your prospects. When your promotions are dying, the easiest way to revive them is through trying a new list of prospects. 
  • Research is a fundamental part of copywriting and marketing. Understand what people’s pain points are. 
  • Domino’s was able to release a delivery at 30 minutes or less campaign because they understood how their customers value reliable delivery time. 
  • In this case, it didn’t matter how you worded the campaign. What made it effective was the offer. 
  • Know the important factor that is not being delivered in the market, and you will easily outcompete your competitors by connecting with people. 

Experience Being the Prospect

  • Get over yourself, and be honest with your emotions and experiences. 
  • Tune in to your real self, and develop candidness.
  • You need to try products and services yourself to see what you think and feel about them. Chances are, other people have the same experience. 
  • Bond shared how you also need to admit uncomfortable reasons too. No one needs Rolex watches, but they have come to symbolize showing off. 
  • No one will want to admit this, so marketers need to find a way to paint fantasies for people and better excuses to get certain products. 

Find Experiences and Reviews 

  • Once you open yourself to this kind of thinking, you can put yourself more easily into your prospects’ shoes. 
  • If you want to sell new phones, start by getting them yourself. But your experience is not complete. Test it out, and then get other people’s experiences. 
  • You can go to Amazon to check product reviews, Yelp for service reviews, and Alexa for demographic profiles. Through this, you are connecting with people.
  • Understand the language being used in both positive and negative reviews. The copy basically writes itself through this method.
  • Bond shared an example of developing a copy in the full episode.  

Connecting with People through Copywriting

  • Copywriting is about connecting with people.
  • Writing great copies is often based on how well you understand people. 
  • This involves knowing how much people are willing to spend, what they care about, and what emotions they have. 
  • Learn to see the underlying reasons behind language, reviews, and purchases. Try creating a checklist for these.
  • Bond shared how he writes with certain people in mind. This makes your writing more personalized and friendly.  

How to Make Copies Interesting and Friendly

  • Don’t be afraid to have a target demographic. You can’t serve every person, but you can continue connecting with people. 
  • There’s a difference in language when you start to treat copywriting as building relationships and friendships instead of just selling. 
  • Start by imagining writing to a close friend. Make the copy personal so that it can create a bond.
  • Make information interesting, entertaining, and easy to understand. Be a friend to your prospect.
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye can build a huge following because they make science interesting and not intimidating.    

Timeless vs. Special Promotions 

  • Create an evergreen marketing funnel connecting with people instead of just depending on special promotions. More importantly, find what makes sense and what works in your industry. 
  • Marketing is about experimenting and trying. There are no absolutes in marketing. 
  • For example, great books will often get high sales at first but trickle off over time. 
  • You can create a strong list through promotions, such as webinars, replays, social media posts, and other people’s products!  
  • In the full episode, Bond shared how he created a promotional system that kept his book as a number one seller. 

Treat Customers as Real Friends

  • Bond shared that he has always wanted a smaller version of the Boron Letters to fit inside his bag. This led him to create the travel edition of the book in time for his father’s birthday. 
  • He also wanted to treat hardcore fans and printed limited editions of the book to give away. 
  • This promotion was all about connecting with people and treating loyal customers to something special. Consequently, it also led to increased sales for the regular edition of the book. 

Mean What You Say

  • Plan out promotions for the long run. Become a classic rather than a trend. 
  • Try new things, and see if they will work. You don’t make one thing and hope it will go viral; it takes several tries. 
  • Many people create products and slowly start discounting them over time. 
  • Don’t make anyone feel dumb for getting things at a higher price. Create value that will appreciate over time. 
  • Be honest and genuine with your customers; don’t lead them on. Take care of your reputation. 

Create an Honest Business

  • There will always be bad reviews for everything. Don’t let that stop you. 
  • Be kind to others, and create policies that will benefit them. 
  • Bond shared the example of making a longer-term return policy to decrease pressure on people. 
  • Don’t go into a business thinking about how much money you want to make. Focus on the relationships and integrity of the business. 
  • Think about the long-term state of the business over its immediate state. 

The Gary Halbert Letters All-Star Audio Series

  • Gary, together with his brother and another guy, created a dream team of marketers and copywriters they wanted to learn from for a marketing program.
  • Now, the Gary Halbert Letter has gained more traction after being handled by great marketers and big names who added their own commentary to it.
  • People can see if you have the energy and passion for something. When you do, people become thankful for what you do.

Two Powerful Quotes

“To be really entertaining and to be a fascinating person isn’t about writing really well. It’s about having something interesting to say. And if you want interesting things to say, you want to be an interesting person.”

“Marketing is about experimenting and trying this and that. When something works, you kind of figure out why it worked and try and replicate it.”

About Our Guest

Bond Halbert is a leading copywriter and marketer. He is the son of Gary Halbert, who is widely considered as the greatest copywriter who has ever lived, having many record-crushing promotions than any other copywriter. With a thorough and direct education from his father, Bond continues the family legacy in copywriting with the best direct marketing and copywriting products in the market. Bond wrote The Halbert Copywriting Method Part III and updated his father’s book The Boron Letters, including the now-famous The Gary Halbert Letter All-Star Audio Series

Through the years, Bond has built a name for himself by heading some of the largest financial promotions of our time and pioneered tactics to get the highest email rates in any industry. After 40 years of watching his father teach copywriters and training them himself, Bond has perfected his technique to write effective copy and outperform any competition. 

Want to be trained by Bond? Check out his website!

You can also reach Bond on Twitter and Facebook.   

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