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Before You Cancel, Remember These Enforced Rules To Keep Programs Fair To Existing Members

1) All Subscription Programs: If you ever come back in the future, you will lose all past lessons covered already and any future lessons covered while gone. When you rejoin, they will be locked in the vault and not accessible until you remain a consistent member for several months. This means for most monthly programs, you must start over from month 1 rather than continuing from where you left off.

2) VIP Upgrades: Your gold member remaining days will start all over. For example, if only 45 days remain until you become a gold member with unlimited privileges, this number will return to 90 days or whatever the going rate is if you rejoin in the future (if the site is reopened to the public). If you’re already a gold member, this status will be forfeited upon cancellation.

3) All programs: The trial offer won’t be available to returning members so you’ll have to pay the membership fee up front if you ever return. You can only receive the free introductory gifts to one address (1 per household). The membership fee has also increased for new members so if you ever decide to come back, you lose the grandfathered locked-in rate. Current members will always be locked into their original rate regardless of increased fees or inflation adjustments.

4) Membership may be closed so you may not be able to join. We only open up spots to the public during certain times of the year or privately offer it to current customers after a purchase. We like to to keep the club very private to ensure our full attention is on current members and not always orienting new members. If it grows too fast and we see our attention diverting, we may have periods where we don’t offer it to the public for extended periods.

*If you received free introductory gifts, you do not have to return those. My word is my word. Those are yours for giving us a fair try. Thank you for being a member.


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Helps to stay on track

Highly recommended! Helps to start doing things again.
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Perfect for Beginners, Your Accountability Partner for Small Business Owners

So I got this program when on its earlier launched and I loved the idea of it and how the stacking of habits worked. But then they only sent 1 reminder in the morning and I check my emails first thing in the morning. So when I open their reminder email and see the habits I need to do during the day, I haven't done them yet so I have to go back again in the afternoon after I have done the habits. Since there was no email in the afternoon, more often than not I forget to login my habits. I fell off the wagon.

But I joined again recently and they upgraded the membership site and even was on point with the morning and afternoon reminders. I love it!!! It really helps me to keep on track.

I highly recommend this Habit Hero for those who wants to get started with habit tracking but doesn't know how or even for those who fell off the wagon just like me and would like to get back on track.

This is really important program with priceless lessons and freebies you can use on your business. I'm almost at my 6-figure year on my business after recently launching and the Habit Hero is one of my secret weapons that keeps me on the edge.

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Having trouble getting started?

I've been flailing a bit recently, especially because of the pandemic. And no matter what goals I set for myself, I just can't seem to finish any of them. It's like I let the pandemic snuff out my drive and discipline. While I think that's okay to a degree (because we're dealing with a worldwide health catastrophe), I know that I can't let myself stay in that state.

But Habit Hero has helped me get back on track! It gave me the kickstart I needed to work toward fulfilling my goals again. It helps me stay focused and motivated with simple habits that are realistic and doable.

It's great too, because it's all about taking things one day at a time. It's not overwhelming, and the course recognizes that progress isn't linear. What's important is to take that step, no matter how little, and see progress over time.

If you want to take that first step too, try out Habit Hero!

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Overwhelmed and frustrated with life and work?

Personally, it's so hard to keep up with habits especially when crazy things happen in life. Often, I feel pulled in so many directions that I can't give myself enough time to work on what I really want to do.

If you're feeling overwhelmed (like me), this course might just be for you! With weekly reminders and tasks, it keeps you on track with simple but effective habits. If you happen to fall off track, it's okay. As Daryl says, progress is more important than perfection.

The course was also able to help me cut down on my to-read-books list by giving me key insights and summaries of great books, saving me a lot of time.

If you want to kick yourself into being more productive and focused on your goals, try out this course!

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Creator of this app knows his stuff!

I just got the app and have barely scratched the surface so far, but I know the creator of the product, and based on my personal experience alone I have 100% confidence that this will be an amazing product because he has a wealth of knowledge and is an excellent teacher. I can't wait to dig in and try this out!

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Your life coach—anytime you want!

One of the key foundations of success is building habits. However, navigating the world and seeking the right habits can be tricky.

But, with Habit Hero, I have all the resources I’ll ever need in one place. Even more, I don’t have to pressure myself and overload my mind in one session. I can do everything at my own pace!

Everyday, you’ll learn something new and actually useful.

I especially love the bonus books I can easily download on a weekly basis. Now, I don’t have to search tirelessly in search for books that will help me succeed in life.

Take it from me–with this program, you will have all the content and resources you need to get better day by day. You’re one step closer to success!